Our Disciplinary Stance

Our Disciplinary Stance

We expect our players to maintain the highest possible standards. You are after all playing in the best leagues in the world

We have a zero tolerance approach to abuse of our officials – this means physical or verbal – and any player or team that is guilty of such behaviour will be immediately removed.

At Leisure Leagues we are not affiliated to any governing body, and because of this stance we are able to retain full control over who plays in our leagues, and even more crucially who does not.

Competition is the aim of the leagues of course, but also, it, is imperative to us that our leagues are as fun and inclusive based as possible. If there is any team that acts in a way that we believe jeopardises this they will be removed from the league immediately.

Teams are encouraged to come forward and report any team who is behaving anti-socially – we want everyone to feel comfortable in all our leagues. All such calls will be treated in total confidence and you have our word that all reports will be investigated thoroughly. Any player or team that is fined will need to pay this fine direct to the appropriate governing body. Until that fine is paid players will be suspended and unable to take part in matches.

It is important to note that the Team Captain is responsible for the conduct of all their players and all spectators connected with the team. Any fines that are accrued are the captain’s responsibility to pay.