Become a Referee

Become a Referee

Leisure Leagues are always on the lookout for official to join us. If you are interested in either a Refereeing or League Supervising role, then the chances are, we have a competition that you can get involved with. 

Either of the roles are paid by the hour - at a rate which we negotiate with you on an individual basis (we know everyone's experience is different) and there is no extra costs for you, because we also supply all equipment to make sure all the leagues look on the top of their game.  

So will you too, because we believe all our staff should only have the best, and that includes brand new referee tops, tracksuit bottoms, and anything else you may need.

This is why we have a worldwide reputation for looking after our staff. All new refs are trained and overseen by our staff. But you are never on your own. There is regular contact from a Manager in your area, who will ring each week after the league to discuss any issues that may have arisen, but just as important, to get any  thoughts you may have.

At Leisure Leagues we are both very proud - and fiercely protective - of our justified reputation as having the strongest disciplinary structure of any provider of 6v6 soccer, not just in America but the world.

We will back your judgement and allow you to enforce strict discipline on any player if they do not follow your instructions. We have a zero tolerance policy to offences such as swearing at you, or any form of disrespect. 

The quickest way to apply for one of these roles is to click here.

Please note the form is multi-purpose, and is for both Referees and Match Night Supervisors. If you want to be a supervisor, then please let us know on the form.